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Dongguan City, three precision instruments Co., Ltd. specializes in Mitutoyo (Mitutoyo brand) precision measuring tools, measuring instruments, Germany Windsor (WENZEL) coordinate measuring machine wholesale and retail and repair business. The main products are: Japan Mitutoyo gages (Mitutoyo caliper, Mitutoyo micrometer, Mitutoyo Dial Indicator, Mitutoyo dial gauge, Mitutoyo Lever table, Mitutoyo thickness table, Mitutoyo height gauge, Mitutoyo bore gauge, three- Feng altimeter, Mitutoyo measurement platform, Mitutoyo gauge blocks, feeler Mitutoyo, Mitutoyo ring), Mitutoyo measuring instrument (Mitutoy......【View Details
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Dongguan three Precision Instrument Co., Ltd.
Tel :0769 -82826842, 83994639,83975182
Fax :0769 -83554396, 89032079
Address: Stone Road, Changping Town, Dongguan Eurasian plate 1106 International Business Center

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